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IF YOU GET a threatening phone call or voicemail from any of the following numbers, BEWARE! This is a SCAM! 406-532-5574, 406-272-7078,
one of these calls on your Android smartphone, there are a few things you can do, depending on your phone and service provider….
First of all , you can reject the call, IMMEDIATELY. Now, do not be surprised if you wind up with a voice mail anyway. I will promise you that even though you are expecting it, when you hear the words, “charges have been filed against you…”, it will send a chill right down your spine and grab a hold of your tailbone causing an involuntary clenching of your backside.
DO NOT under ANY circumstances, call that number back!! 
Next, go to your call log. Find the offending number again. Do a long press on the number with your index finger and a menu should pop up. One of the choices should be “Add to Contacts”. Save the number as a contact and name it “Do Not Answer”. Add any other unwanted calls to the “Do Not Answer” contact, and I’m not talking about your mother-in-law either.
Now, go back to your call log  and long press the number one more time. One of the other options should be “Add to Reject List”. That should automatically reject the call so you won’t even have to see that number again. But that won’t be the end of it. There are at least three other numbers that we are aware of and possibly more. One more thing, there is another robo-call from “Credit Services” or something similar claiming that you qualify to reduce your credit card interest to four and a half percent. The same tactics should be used to handle that call as well.
Surf Safe,