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Review: Voltix 13000mAh Dual-USB Battery Back-Up

 is on the phone, one way or the other, all day long. If not talking with tech support for lengthy periods of time or checking e-mail, then I’m researching on-line or using GPS or the Android Speedometer (which I use religiously). Needless to say the battery usually doesn’t make it through the day and it isn’t always convenient to plug in somewhere to recharge.
The Voltix 13000mAh power pack has MASSIVE power storage and can recharge the average cell phone up to 3 times meaning COMPUTER RICH is never out of power (correction: cell phone is never out of power; COMPUTER RICH might be another story entirely). The average cell phone battery is only about 3200mAh or 3500mAh. A strong battery is around 4200mAh. With 13000mAh the Voltix has power to spare.
The Voltix has a hard rubber coating which has a nice tactile feel. The power pack takes a good period of time to charge fully and comes with a USB to micro-USB cord to charge the pack. There are 4 blue lights that blink sequentially as it charges and the lights turn a solid blue one at a time until fully charged.
The Voltix has a power button on the side to turn it on and all 4 power lights will indicate the pack is charged. As the pack discharges the blue lights will go out one at a time until fully discharged. There is an attached, built-in micro-USB cord to charge your phone that fits smartly into the battery pack so you can never lose it. If your phone has a different type of charging port then there are 2 standard USB ports so you can use the USB cord that came with your phone and you can charge to your hearts content. As a matter of fact, you can charge 2 devices at the same time. Pretty awesome!
The Voltix can easily fit in your back pocket and with a longer USB cord you can actually charge your phone while it is in the holster.
COMPUTER RICH recommends the Voltix 13000mAh Dual-USB Battery Back-up Power Pack and for under $30. COMPUTER RICH thinks it’s a pretty good bargain.